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How Much Does It Cost To Attend?



The cost to attend Pacific Leadership Institute is $6000 US Dollars. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due by November 1, 2016 to hold your space. Space is limited.




The fee covers tuition, room and board, local and regional outreach and transportation costs.




What is not covered in the fees are personal items, personal recreation on free days, personal transportation, ie. to and from the school site, 3-week outreach costs to Nicaragua. To cover the costs for the outreach to Nicaragua, we will be learning some fund-raising practices to help us fund our travel, housing and meal costs in Nicaragua.




Who is Pacific Leadership Institute for?




The school is for anyone who wants to explore what God may have for them. You sense a calling to ministry, and perhaps you know what you want to do, but sense the need to be equipped and mobilized. You could be a great candidate! You want to be used by God, but don't know where. We explore lots of different ministries and ways of doing ministries to give our students broad exposure to "Missio Dei" - the Mission of God in the world. Our target student is between the ages of 20 and 35, although we can accept students from 18 and on up to 60+. International participants welcome.




We are a family with children - can we attend?




Yes. We are open to having married couples with children, however, we will need to dialog with you first in order to determine if it will be a good fit for you and us and to determine if our housing situation will be suitable. There are many practical things to work out in regard to families, especially families with school-aged children. Depending on the age(s), there may be additional fees.




What kind of food will we eat?




Expect to eat "normal" American and national/ethnic household meals. Most of our meals will be eaten together as a community, with the exception of breakfast. All students will be part of a rotation of shopping within a budget and preparing meals in a group.




Is there any free time?




Yes. The school is "in session", generally speaking, Monday to Friday, with some exceptions. Sundays are often given to some form of church community activity or ministry, at least part of the day. Saturdays will generally be free.




There are many things to do in Oceanside and the surounding area. Oceanside is a beach town and surfing is a very popular sport in the area. Oceanside is also home to many international surfing competitions. Relaxing at the beach, paddleboarding as well as biking are also very popular. For those wanting to learn to surf or paddleboard, the area is ideal. There are many hiking trails in the general area as well. In addition, the city of San Diego is quite close, and Los Angeles is only a bit over an hour away, where there are many attractions and activities.




Will I be able to work part-time?




No. The school is full-time with a variable schedule, depending on the week's activities.






Where will I be staying?




Students will be staying either in homes or at the school's housing facilities. For the most part, accomodations will be 2 students per room, and each student will have access to a closet for their personal belongings, a shared bathroom and a shared kitchen. The accomodations will be clean, but simple.






What happens when the 6-month program is over?




Pacific Leadership Institute is about equipping and mobilizing God's Kingdom workers into His work globally. Upon completion of our program, we have many places for our graduating students to be deployed to, depending on the student's individual gifting, calling and chosen concentration at the school. Our contacts are truly global, and we currently have agreements with churches and ministries in 30 nations where we would be able to send teams or individuals to serve. We also have the possibility for some students to join a church-planting incubator upon completion of the school. Beyond these opportunities, students would also be able to return to their home church to build God's kingdom with increased understanding, wisdom and gifting to truly make a positive spiritual difference in the lives of those around them.






Is Pacific Leadership Institute accredited?




No. Some of our classes will be through Vineyard Institute, and those classes may be available for credit through an articulation agreement with Vineyard Institute.  Receiving credit may incur extra costs beyond the scope of our school.




Will I be able to receive visitors?




Yes, we love to have visitors, however the timing will need to be coordinated with the school admin/staff and the schedule of the school. This is especially important for those who are coming here from overseas. We will want the visit to be meaningful for the students, but not take away from what they are here for.






What happens if I get sick at the school?




Everyone who attends Pacific Leadership Institute will be required to have health insurance. The type of insurance will depend on whether the student is a US citizen or not, however we will be able to provide info on the acceptable options for this. Beyond that, we at the school will ensure that all who attend and become sick will receive good loving care.






What should I do if I have a question not answered here on this FAQ page?




Please send us a message with your question to:



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